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Digital Marketing

We provide the full spectrum of Digital Marketing. SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Engagement Marketing and More!

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Don’t miss out. All of businesses require marketing to obtain any form of traffic and sales now a days. All industries have become super competitive and niche specific. Stay up to date on the curve, and 3-steps ahead of your competitors!

Keep up the pace on boosting your web traffic, sales and conversions. We’ll teach you all you need to know, you’ll have a complete understanding of the web and your website itself. Not only do we provide premium marketing services, but we also provide knowledge and coaching.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, We Can Help.

Paid Advertising

Laser Targeted Traffic. Has the highest sales rate, opt-in / overall conversion rate.

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Our most powerful way of bringing in new, hot, conversion ready traffic. Paid Ads is laser targeted and sends your traffic to landing pages or sales funnels, the go exactly where you want them to. 

Social Media Management

Another Powerful Method of Laser Targeted Traffic. Get yourself in front of the largest audience!

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With over 3.48 Billion people using Social Media EVERYDAY it is without a doubt a powerful force in growing a business. It is something that is able to scale businesses up to 50x their current conversion rate. That’s what makes Social Media one of our best marketing services.

Audience Analytics

Measure and Leverage what is observed via Analytics. Know your visitors exact data.

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We use different data tools such as SEMRush, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These tools help us measure your website traffic, and analyze conversions, where your visitors go. As well as time spent on the site.


Search Engine Optimization

The #1 Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website. Grow Your Website with 100% White Label Optimization.

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Search Engine Optimization is a powerful marketing service that we provide. SEO is great at bringing in new mass amounts of hot traffic. SEO brings in the most amount of traffic out of any marketing platform. Not to mention that the #1 spot get 49% of all traffic.

Content Creation

Helps rank for new keywords and connect with your audience. Engagement and shares are key.

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Also, we leverage Content Creation / Blog Posting as a marketing tactic also. Content creation is important, as it ranks you for more keywords, and drives higher engagement. Engagement Marketing is the #1 to get new website traffic.

Reputation Management

Keep Your Reputation a Float!! Don’t succumb to low web traffic due to little or poor reviews.

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Next, we like to focus on Reputation. Maintaining a positive reputation will be the only thing that will keep your business getting customers.

Website Design

Stay Up to Date on Web Design. Keep a “modern website” and keep its load speed low!

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Making sure you have a website that is modern, sleek, mobile optimized is a must. Old websites that aren’t mobile optimized are being discarded from Google’s SERPs.

Email Marketing

Get Repeat Customers and Interact With New Ones! Email Marketing is #1 in creating repeat users!

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Email Marketing is a great way that we use to bring customers back, and get visitors back to your website. Email marketing has an end goal of conversion. 

We use email techniques that are kind and friendly, no spam, to create a positive relationship. When someone likes your company, they’re more likely to spend their money.


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Lead Source Marketing is based out of Laguna Hills, CA. We're a Digital Marketing or Search Engine Marketing Agency. We help businesses leverage their website as an asset.