Mobile Optimize

What is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile Optimization is the re optimizing or redesign of a website to appear mobile friendly. Having a website that is mobile friendly not only easier to use and navigate, but it also provides for a better user experience. You should do this not only to make your website easier to use, but you will soon see a boost in your Google rankings.

Why Should You?

As of 2019 only mobile friendly websites will be shown at the top spot of Google. As 70% of all searches are done via mobile phone. So, it would be useless of Google to give it to a website who isn’t properly optimized.

How Can I Optimize My Site?

There are a few simple ways that can optimize your site in just a few minutes and you will see a substantial boost in rankings. First is buying WP Rocket, it’s a great Caching plug-in that will speed up your mobile speed as well as your regular page speed. WP Rocket comes with multiple different features designed to boost all around website speed. Another step you can take is enabling Lazy Load through Jetpack in your WP Admin. This allows your website to load images as you scroll, and uses less storage at once. Last super simple step is minimizing CSS and JS code in your images. Properly compressing your images will not only look better on mobile, but will also load better.

Get Your Site Optimized For You!

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