There is a large factor that plays into Google’s algorithms that come to play in a websites rankings. The most known way at the moment is Link Building and Technical SEO, even though, those methods are somewhat outdated, and Google now looks for quality content. Sure, Technical SEO and creating backlinks does work and helps rank your website higher, but with Google’s algorithm constantly changing, these are currently the Top 10 Ways To Rank #1 On Google.


Having relevant, and a large list of ranking Keywords is something that will always help a website rank on Google, it always has and it always will. The placement of keywords throughout your site is perhaps one of the most important SEO methods. It’s useful to take into account how someone would search for information on the specific service or product you are offering, as the keywords they use are likely to be the keywords you want to be using. Make sure you don’t add ridiculous amounts of keywords, especially if they are unrelated as this can lead to your site being flagged as spam. Search engine spiders are programmed to ignore ‘keyword-stuffing’ and could potentially damage your website.


With 40% of all website traffic coming from mobile devices, it is not a shock to see that having a fast loading, mobile optimized will rank your website higher in Google. 


All images and videos that you currently have on your site can have descriptive words added to its imprint. These are known as alternative text or ALT Tags . These tags allow for search engines to locate your page using the keywords found in your image and video descriptions, as well as the text throughout the website. Therefore increasing the opportunities your site is found, which consequently raises its page ranking.


I understand, Adobe Flash can be fast, cheap, and easy for new sites. BUT in reality, Google actually punishes Flash websites compared to alternative platforms. They ignore flash sites, for the simple fact that flash sites can’t link to individual pages. I highly recommend WordPress, as it is very SEO friendly, and you will see a near instant increase in Google rankings.


Something that is one of the first things that can determine a websites rankings is the URL structure. If the search spiders can’t crawl through the links and pick them up properly, Google will not rank the site, it merely ignores it, and leaves it in the dust.


Not having a blog and posting consistently is something that will KILL your websites rankings. Without a blog (for the most part), Google will crawl your website, see that there is a lack of content and will therefore in turn not do anything with your website and keep it on the 100000th page of Google.


Just like blogging, having quality content and updating it vigorously (but not too much) will rank your website higher. If Google sees that there is a lot of relevant content within your website, it will know that you’re staying updated on your website, and therefore will rank your website higher.


Honestly, this is something that isn’t talked about too much. And over the past year, I’ve seen website titles get less and less optimized towards the content on the website. Whether it be the person forgets to update it, or their SEO agency they’re currently with, isn’t doing the proper techniques to rank sites. Instead these agencies are using less effective BLACKHAT SEO methods, that potentially could hurt your website in the long run.


SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT, almost as important as providing quality content and staying updated on it. Interlinking allows the spiders to crawl your site faster, and the better interlinking you have, the faster the spiders crawl therefore, ranking your website higher. A sitemap is a page specifically listing and creating links to all the other major pages on your site. Therefore every page is easier to find for both the spiders and users alike, and can be reached with significantly less clicks.


Link building, something that has done wonders since the dawn of Google and the SERPS. This still works because Google ranks the reliability and relevance of your site partially as a result of how many times it has been recommended by third parties. Therefore it is important to monitor how these links are growing, and stay updated on them, clean links when needed to maintain a positive rank on Google.


All aspects of SEO are important to properly rank a website, and to leave positive, long-lasting results. To take away though, the most key aspects to ranking a website higher in Google is definitely; Blogging and staying active, Creating quality content, Link building, and Title Tags. Just these 4 things alone will help a website rank better, imagine using all 10 of these techniques! The results will be unstoppable.

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