Why am I not ranking on Google?

Lack of Content

Having content on your website can be crucial to determine whether Google decides to rank your website high in the SERPs. The reason having a lack of content will cause a website to fail, is the reason that Google’s spiders crawl your website, and see whether you have quality, relevant content; and if you do, Google  ranks your website higher in the SERPs. Without having content, the spiders have nothing to pick up on about your website, because there isn’t enough content to detail your business or service. Also, having more website content is better for the user as well, they spend more time reading about your business (keeping your bounce rate lower) as well as the user will more likely choose a business they trust, and it just so happens to be people tend to trust something that is more thorough.

Low Quality / Irrelevant Content 

Even if you have a lot of content on your website, but it has nothing to do with your business, or it’s poorly optimized and written, the Google spiders will get confused on what your website actually is. Google will in turn not rank your website, but in stead actually punish it, because low quality, unrelated content makes your website seem nonprofessional and potentially a scam.. So why should Google rank your website if its poor content?

Spam Content

This one is pretty obvious, even if the content is quality, if it is spam and the same article on multiple websites, or duplicate pages.. Google will see your website as a spam website and move it further down in the SERPs.

Poorly Optimized Website

As of 2019 having a properly optimized website and providing a positive user experience is finally becoming an important part of SEO! Before the spiders did not pick up on On Page optimization and user experience, just keywords and backlinks. And now it has evolved into providing a positive user experience, whilst maintaining a low bounce rate and high time spent per page. Yes, Google is actually analyzing how long the people tend to spend on your website, so if you have quality on page optimization, high web traffic with a low bounce rate, expect some better Google rankings. 

Bad Reputation

Another pretty obvious ranking factor, but needs to be stated. Since 2019 came around, and Google leaked the proper SEO rankings factors, reputation has taken more effect than ever before. Places have skyrocketed due to their high reputation in the past months, whilst ones with many poor reviews across the web have taken a toll, and lost much of their web traffic as well as conversions. Google can potentially view your website as a scam if the reputation is very low, websites that maintain low reputation, have been punished by the SERPs dramatically recently.

Spam / Low Quality Backlinks

Many people believe that the best way to rank a website is backlinks, backlinks, backlinks and some more backlinks. Well guess what? Backlinks don’t mean squat as of 2019. Only backlinks that mean anything are the quality backlinks, low quality backlinks, especially spam now punish websites. Now Google now looks for websites that obtain natural backlinks, and they’re obtained through websites that have a positive reputation, as well as high domain authority, and web age. You can get rid of these spam links if you have any by disavowing them in any SEO tool.

Low Domain Authority

As stated above, low domain authority can be a factor in why your website still isn’t ranking as of 2019. Domain authority plays into many things, one of which being reputation, therefore making it pretty important to maintain a high domain authority. Domain authority actually didn’t play a very big part of SEO until 2019 came around the corner. This can be boosted by obtaining high quality links from other websites with a high domain authority and positive reputation.

Slow Page Speed

Slow websites = poor user experience as well as bounce rate. I had to make Slow Page speed it’s own separate section because, it is now that important. Pages that take more than 3.2 seconds to load, tend to have higher bounce rates, indicating a poor user experience, therefore Google does not rank your website.

No Mobile Optimization

More and more people are buying smart phones, and as they get more powerful, more and more people are doing more searches through their cell phones. If a website has poor mobile optimization, you will be punished in Google rankings, especially when searches are done from mobile devices. Mobile optimization started playing a key role in determining some ranking factors for website as of late 2018.

Still Not Ranking?

You followed all the steps, and your website still isn’t ranking?? How could this be possible, these are the key rankings factors aren’t they?!? If all of these requirements have been met, but this was all done recently, there is a good chance that Google’s algorithm hasn’t updated yet, and adjusted it to your website. SEO takes time, and with that means some patients. SEO can take 2-4 months to actually start to take effect. Then why wouldn’t I go with Google Ads, it brings immediate results right? Yes, but not exactly, as results come faster, they do not last, and it is also much more expensive to obtain the same results as SEO with Paid Advertising with the same budget. SEO takes some time, but is a much better investment, and more powerful in bringing your business success.